Parent Information

Term 3 Diary 2024


9th July


Back to School: Term 3

15th July

Afternoon Sport Starts

18th July

Mandela Day

26th July

Grandparents Day Assembly

1st August

Grade R to 3 Spur Evening

8th August

Sports Day


Grade 7 Market Day

2nd Sept

Spring Dress up Civvies


Progress Week

16th & 17th Sept


19th Sept

Heritage Day Event

20th Sept

Term 3 Ends

School Times : 2024

Grade R to 2 

1:15pm (Monday ONLY) 12:45pm (Tuesday to Friday)

Grade 3

1:15pm (Monday to Friday)

Grade 4 to 7

2:00pm (Monday to Friday)


Teachers are always available to parents but an appointment must be made to see your child’s teacher via the secretary. Such interviews will be held after regular school hours. Should you wish to see the Principal, please make an appointment via the secretary.

Parents are kindly requested NOT to call in at classrooms during school hours as this is most disruptive to learners.  All messages must be left at the secretary’s office and these will be passed on at the first opportune moment.

Getting to know your child’s teacher is an important part of the school programme.  Give your child a sense of security by being part of his/her school life.  Foster a good relationship with your child’s teacher.

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All money which is sent to school MUST be sealed in an envelope with the following details:

Money can be paid in the following ways. The preferred methods of payment are:

Debit order on your account in favor of the school’s account.

Cash payments

Direct Deposits into the schools account

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School fees play an integral role in the day to day running of a school. These fees are set annually by the Governing Body. The TOTAL amount is due at the beginning of the year. However, arrangements for 10 monthly payments can be made with the schools Bursar. The final installment is due on or before the 5 October each year. Should a parent default on the monthly payment, the balance owing is then handed over for DEBT COLLECTION.

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Reports are prepared for each term (Term 1 to 4). Parents are encouraged to meet with their child’s class teacher each term to understand the progress.
Parents are invited to school each term to collect the report. Please look out for those dates

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All trips planned by the school are for specific education purposes. Children going on outings must assume responsibility for the costs thereof, written permission slips and safe good behaviour.