School Uniform


Learners should be neatly dressed in the correct school uniform at all times. Research has shown that there is a close correlation between learner behaviour and dress standards.
Boys may not have long fringes and hair may not touch their collars. Girl’s hair must be fastened back if shoulder length or longer.
Hair ribbons, clips or bands should be black only. Long braids and hair extensions are not permitted.



  • Shirt

    Short sleeves, sand coloured, poly-cotton button-up

  • Shorts

    Sand coloured poly-cotton

  • Shoes

    Brown lace-up with sand coloured socks

  • Jersey

    Maroon V-neck pullover

  • Costume

    Plain Black

  • socks

    White with burgundy stripe [for cricket / soccer matches]- available @ RPS


  • Dress

    White and maroon checked culotte with a collared shirt (No shorter than knee length)

  • Petticoat

    White, full cotton petticoat

  • Shoes

    Brown with bar and white ankle socks

  • Jersey

    Maroon cardigan with V-Neckline

  • Costume

    Plain black

  • School bag

    All learners require a maroon bag with the school badge.


• Maroon boxer shorts and WHITE school T-shirt for P.E.  
• T-shirt in house colour for sport. (Available from school).
• BLACK – Standard school costume + Swim caps in House colours.  
• Maroon swimming bag with the school badge.
• School Tracksuit  –  to be worn in WINTER only.